With a view to honing and celebrating the musical abilities and talents of children, the Music Academy has been instituted and designed to provide qualitative, affordable training in musical instruments, and vocal development for every child that is musically inclined or already performing.

We inject professionalism and fun into their learning, building their confidence and developing their musical abilities and creativity. As they learn musical instruments, and perfect their vocal skills, which are both challenging and equally enjoyable experiences, they are supported by our professional team of teachers in a relaxed and invigorating environment. These tutors constantly motivate and inspire the children to practice and flourish.

The children will be coached and positioned to perform at the global level as they are exposed to professional music examinations of ABRSM and MUSON to mention a few. The Academy has a bouquet of programs that provide the opportunity for performances and competitions within and beyond the academy, ensuring that their audience are not only captivated but also inspired. (Appropriate for ages 5 upwards.)

Meadow ~ Re ~ Mi ~ Project (Under 5’s)

‘Out of the mouth of babes…’ we have created a platform under the Music Academy that transcends beyond age or year group. The infants are catered for under the Music Academy umbrella.

Every budding talent is given a platform to grow, have fun and shine, as the ‘Stars’ they truly are!!!

The Academy is positioned to enhance each child’s ability in singing, playing any instrument; Violin, Guitar, saxophone, clarinet Drums, etc. The Team is able and ready to groom accordingly. This initiative designed by Spring Meadow has been created to deliver the very best in musical education.